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CHAOS is an informal, Boulder-based group of energetic, fun, non-competitive, backcountry enthusiasts who are in their 20s, 30s and 40's, and who enjoy self-powered and self-organized activities including hiking, backpacking, biking, snow shoeing, skiing, mountaineering, and river sports. CHAOS' Main Goal is to be a community through which one can make life-long friendships, share backcountry trips, expand outdoor and leadership skills, appreciate nature and enjoy the sense of community, teamwork, and challenge that prospers in backcountry situations.

CHAOS TRIPS - All trips should be for CHAOS by CHAOS, outdoors, and self powered. CHAOS actively encourages its members to organize trips but does not supervise the activities. CHAOS is not a guide service and a person should only go on trips they feel are at their ability level. If you have questions, ask the trip organizer! Many trip organizers love to help out new members and will gladly answer any questions you have about the trip, what equipment to bring, etc. Above all else, have fun and be safe!

Many past and present members believe that CHAOS enormously improved their "young adulthood and pre-family" phase of life. To ensure that this wonderful opportunity remains for future members, they should be in their 20s, 30s or 40's when they join CHAOS. If the member's ages or the group's style don't feel like a good fit for you, we suggest you check out one of the other great clubs in Boulder like the Flatirons Ski Club , the Boulder Outdoor Group , the Colorado Mountain Club , the Boulder Nordic Ski Club , the Sierra Club , or the C.U. Hiking Club (office in UMC).

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